Forklift Rental

Whether you're interested in trying a piece of equipment before buying it or an emergency that pops up, renting can save both time and resources.

Renting is fast and easy solution, and it allows you to take advantage of the latest technology for an affordable price.

Container Entry Forklifts

Container entry forklifts are fitted with a mast that allows the forklift to lift without raising the units overall height. It’s lift height is limited but still allows stacking and unloading within a shipping container. These units are also ideal to use on sites with limited headroom.

High Lift Forklifts

Need to rent a forklift that can access high or tricky areas? A high lift forklift gives you the leverage you need to safely finish the job. It get heavy materials where they’re needed at the desired height.

Hyster 16-20 Ton Forklifts

This forklift is designed to meet the high performance and reliability demands of heavy-duty handling. This versatile forklift is the ideal choice for applications with long shifts, heavy loads and where power and precision are both key requirements.

Fuel Types

Such as electric forklift from 1,000kg to 5,500kg capacity. These forklifts are ideal for a wide range of indoor or warehousing and yard duties. High performance electric motors, long shift life and a reputation for reliability.

Electric Forklift

Gas Forklift

Shorty Forklift

3 Wheels Forklift

Forklift Load Test

Bedroom Forklift

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