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Understanding Truck with Crane

Truck with crane is designed specifically for handling materials & unlike other freestanding cranes, it is mounted directly on the bed of a common motor truck. They are intended for smaller jobs where maneuverability & speed are of primary importance because they do not have to be set up they can be used pretty much as soon as they arrive on the scene, which makes them the perfect solution for small construction work. Even a 65 ton capacity hydraulic truck crane can be transported on the highway which makes moving from job to job easy. In order to provide these vehicles with additional stability & support, outriggers are extended outwards & downwards from the chassis. While lifting and moving a load, these vehicles can only move at a much slower speed, however when they are in transportation mode they can move the same speed as any other work truck. The operator of these machines must take special care when moving a load so as to make sure that the vehicle does not tip over. Interested to rent our truck with crane? Check it out at http://malaysiaforkliftrental.com/trucks-with-crane/ Do not hesitate to write us if you have any enquiries at http://malaysiaforkliftrental.com/contact-us/ Company Name : Lian Ann Lorry Transport & Forwarding Sdn Bhd Contact Number : 017.374.6886 (Mr. Elias Ping) Website : www.malaysiaforkliftrental.com Email : enquiry@malaysiaforkliftrental.com    ...